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Benefits of Sage Tea

Sage tea ...delicious!

Traditionally, sage tea is served after a meal and it is not surprising as sage tea increases the digestive

ability to break down food, ensuring that all food eaten is digested properly.

Other benefits are reducing:

gas (flatulence),

stomach pains (gastritis),

diarrhea, bloating, and


But the digestive benefits are not the only benefits of this amazing herb. Sage also reduces the overproduction of perspiration and saliva, helps with depression, memory loss, Alzheimer's disease,

menstrual cramps and bleeding. Some woman use sage to treat hot flashes.

Due to the antibacterial and antimicrobial traits of sage, the herb is also use for cough, tonsil

and throat infections. Sage is also used as a hair rinse in the treatment of dandruff.

So how do we make sage tea? Easy!

To make 1 cup of sage tea:

Pour 1 cup of boiling hot water into a mug.

Add 1 tablespoon of fresh sage leaves or 1 teaspoon of dried sage

Let steep for 3 - 5 minutes

Strain and enjoy.

If you wish to add a sweetener, I would suggest adding honey, after the tea has cooled a little.

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