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Working with what we have

As you already know, Drs Arlini and Kishore Singh are stranded in India, which is under complete lockdown.

The problem here is that the lockdown came up suddenly with no warning whatsoever, taking businesses, employees, tourists, everyone by surprise.

No one is allowed outside and there is a very strong police presence everywhere to ensure that people stay indoors. The only essential services that are opened are pharmacies and grocery stores.

Food is very scarce with so areas running out of food completely.

We have been liaising with the Government of Canada and especially Councillor Paul Sharman and Hon. Karina Gould MP, both of whom have been extremely helpful in trying to get us out during this stressful time.

Unfortunately, the Indian Government is only allowing us to leave through a third party travel service provider known as Corporate Flyers. The difficulty is that Corporate Flyers collects information through the completion of Google forms and this information resides on servers outside of the purview of the Government of Canada.

When we had received the forms for completion, we had eagerly completed the forms with all our details, eager to get the promised call "within 24 hours" with the flight details, etc.

The call never came. Instead, I have been receiving odd emails from scammers who somehow had got my email address and Dr. Singh receives weird calls on his cell number.

We are highly stressed out at present and did not deserve more stress and disappointment.

So yesterday, we managed to get a laptop and somewhat decent internet, and hope to still

consult with our patients that need us. Getting a laptop was not easy as because of the lockdown, they are in short supply and therefore the rental costs is outrageous. But we do, what we have to do.

So starting from today, Dr. Singh will be doing virtual consultations, everyday from 8am - noon (EST). Everyday - means Saturdays and Sundays as well. Shreejith, our receptionist, will be at the clinic - Monday to Friday to take calls and schedule appointments.

At times, when you cannot contact the clinic to schedule an appointment, you can contact us at WhatsApp at 905-632-7775 or by email at

Also make sure that your demographics are completely up to date so it is easy for us to contact you, if need be.

More information will follow as we go along. For now, please stay indoors and stay safe.

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